Lambeau After completing my initial visit to your site I could not wait to get back to finish the review. Your site is solidly put together, and your displayed art kept me busy for over an hour. I am honored to present you with my 2006 Gold award which is attached and while a link back to is not a requirement, it would be appreciated. I have also attached a copy of the evaluation sheet where I am sure you will note that you scored a perfect 100 out of a possible 100 points. Congratulations and thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing your site.
Bob Stockdale - September 2006 - AS: 1.00

Hello Jo, I thank you your pages pay a visit and be allowed to judge me for the invitation. The visit at your sides was very interesting and full of information. You hereby earn the Pemawebaward into gold for the great work and dedications in the World Wide Web. Your home page is very recommendably and therefore a beautiful money-making in the net. I wish a lot of joy with the price and still a lot of visitors.
Kind greetings Peter and the Pemaweb team. September 2006 - AS: 0.50

award of paradiseHi Jo!
I have now completed the review of your site submission. Firestarter Pyrography is a great website, the graphics are very well presented. We are extremely proud to present your site with the Award of Paradise Gold-Award. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to review your work, the visit was most inspiring. Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. You are truly deserving of our highest accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all to visit. Thank-you for your interest in our Awards Program and Congratulations on such a fine web site.
Best Regards, Franz Boigner - July 2006 - AS: 1.00

private detectivePrivate Detective
This is to notify you that we have reviewed your website, and would like to offer you our Private Detective Web Award. You have done a fine job as we found your website enjoyable and well-designed. It was rated 92 out of a possible 100 points as the graphics were clean, navigation was easy, and there was solid content. May 2006 - AS: 1.00

Congratulations ! You have just won one of Lindor's Awards! The GOLD one!
March 2006 - AS: 0.50

Thankyou so much for your interest shown in our awards programs. That is quite the website! Our judges have all visited your site and the decision is made. Yours is one of the best websites we have been fortunate enough to visit. Our criteria states that any commercial or selling site is automatically disqualified, but our opinion was that your site was a personal one that just happened to sell your products. It contained more than enough info that had nothing to do with things for sale. Linda Smith - Jan 2006 - AS:1.00

game puppetGame Puppet
I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work.
Larry - January 2006 - AS: 1.00


reach for the starsStars
Hello and Dear Jo: You have a wonderful site and your work is beautiful. The pet picture was beautiful. I enjoyed your site very much. Your design and graphics are very well put together and your navigation is excellent. Let me congratulate you on a site well done and for winning our award. Congratulations Jensen
November 2005 - AS:1.00

I am delighted to tell you that we have now re-assessed your Web site ( and, based on the ease of navigation, content, graphic quality, page layout and design, we have awarded you the book-look "Spot On" award for Web site excellence.
October 2005 - AS: 1.00

Hello, My little dog JOSCHI and I have just visited your site, and we really liked it. That means you have won Joschi's *Award of Excellence*. Congratulations! Ulrich
August 2005 - AS: 1.00

mona lisaMona Lisa
As a result of your incredible artwork, and time invested in your site, I am delighted to inform you that your site Firestarter Pyrography has been selected as Site of the Month for September. Congratulations for creating a wonderful and inspirational resource! Best regards, Steve Feld - 2005 - AS: 1.00

Hello Jo,
we had quite a pleasure visiting your site. we found it very comprehensive and informative. please accept our good site award.
your site has made the internet a better place to visit.
Best Regards,
SMHAI Awards Program
June 2005 - AS: 0.33

Invision Graphics
invision-graphicsHello Jo Phillips After careful consideration and evaluation of your site, we are honored to present you with the Web Design Award! The site evaluation requested on was very pleasant on the eyes and very well structured out and categorized into specific sections this was a job well done and worthy of our award! We know how much work and dedication that has gone into this great web site that you have built and we have found your site to be among the best on the Internet and hereby award you with the Web Design Award! Congratulations on a Job well Done!
June 2005 - AS: 1.00

vision awardVals' Vision
Dear Jo Phillips
The Awards Committee thanks you for the honor, joy and sheer fun of being allowed to review your site.
We really, really liked it - a true gem of the 'Net.
Job well done!
Mike, Senior Jurist
May 2005 - AS: 1.00