Congratulations Jo!!!
Your site, Firestarter Pyrography, has been chosen as a winner of The StormKeeper Award. It was a pleasure to visit your site. You have a great site. There is only one award, no bronze,silver,gold--so to receive this Award your site must be exceptional.
My warm regards,
October 2006 - AS: 1.00

ruths havenRuth's Haven
We at Ruth's Haven are proud to award you with our Gold Award. Your site shows an amazing talent not only in building the site but in pyrography. We were very impressd with your knowledge and that you are quite happy to share that knowledge with others. The layout and design of your site was also very impressive.
June 2006 - AS: 0.50

jerry dJerry D
Hi and Congratulations! Your site - Firestarter Award Program - has been accepted as a winner of JerryD's Bronze Award, Rated AS! 4.5. We were impressed with your site as a great contribution to the internet. Your site has nice graphics and wonderful navigation. Our awards are not easy to win so keep up the great work. Best Regards, JerryD
April 2006 - AS: 0.33

perm hritagePerm Heritage Dear Jo Phillips,
Thank you for interest to the Perm Heritage Award! Congratulations on winning our silver award, which qualifies as a WTA by Website Awards. Your site, Firestarter Pyrography, is a really very interesting and cognitive. Our award are a gift to you for enriching the Internet community and with no other condition. Good luck! Support Group of Server Heritage of Perm - March 2006 - AS: 0.50

fun tymeFun Tyme
Congratulations Jo!
You have won a very hard award to achieve, the Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program Gold. It is always a pleasure to review your site. Your design is creative and easy to navigate. We look for people who use their imagination and creativeness to give their sites personality. Your site has both of these qualities in full force. Sandra Gerbers - March 2006 - AS: 1.00

adagio Adagio
Greetings Jo,
It is with pleasure that Adagio awards your site with the Bronze Award. Your web site is very nicely done and truly shows your vast artistic ability! These awards are very hard to win. You are my first winner of 2006. You should be proud of your work!
Again, congratulations on a job well done.
Best Regards,
Sheli Howard
February 2006
AS: 0.33

A Scoff an' Scuff's Inukshuk Award - GoldInukshuk
We are pleased to announce that your site is a gold recipient garnering 96 of a possible 100 points. We enjoyed our time evaluating your excellent site, firestarter pyrography. Amazing site and content. We were blown away as we traversed your pages and enjoyed your fantastic artwork. Words fail us. Well done! Gary and Debbie - January 2006 - AS: 1.00

seasons of changeSeasons Of Change
Your site - firestarter pyrography has been chosen as a Gold Winner of the Seasons of Change Award for this month. I enjoyed visiting your site.
John Wilkins
January 2006
AS: 1.00


morning starMorning Star
Hello & Congratulations!
We'd like to thank you for a site well put together. I have completed the process of reviewing and evaluating your site. I'm pleased to say that your site has been accepted for my Silver Award.
Morning Star
December 2005 - AS: 0.33

southern nytesSouthern Nytes
The Southern Nytes Award recognizes website owners/builders that have built an elegant site on the web. With emphasis on navigation, design and originality. When viewing your site it should be evident that you have put your "heart and soul" into the construction of your site. A site that enhances the web. Your site should also be friendly to everyone.
John Wilkins
July 2005 - AS: 1.00