Dear Jo,
thank you for your interest in Timelines Award Program and inviting me to visit your site. Your site meets the highest web and accessibility standards. Navigation, layout and colors of the site are excellent, and it is a real aesthetic treat to surf through your pages. You show great skill in doing your innovative art and in designing your website. It is also interesting to see your work in progress. The lessons of your pyroschool are wirtten and illustrated in an excellent way. As you present innovative art on your website - this means the creation of wonderful digital images or any other kind of art, Firestarter Pyrography wins Timelines Innovative Site Award.
Kind regards. Have good times Friedrich - Timelines Awardprogram
Upgrade February 2007 - AS: 1.00


mundimPoetic Soul
Hello Jo Phillips,
Congratulations, you have won the "Poetic Soul Gold Award" for originality, design, content and ease of navigation! My feedback: You have a wonderful site, everything is near the perfection for me, your website final note was 99,50. Congratulations, you are a great artist.
Best regards! Lupercio Mundim
December 2006 - AS: 1.00

cll goldCLL Website Awards
Dear Jo:
Congratulations! I'm very pleased by announcing, that your site "Firestarter Pyrography" is a Gold Award winner of my "CLL Website Awards". Also, thank you very much for inviting me to evaluate your excellent site with so rich and versatile content of pyrographic art, including a rated award program! Navigation is relevant and exhaustive. Pages are proper-sized with very high consistency. Coding is complying with high standards. Backgrounds, fonts and graphics are well selected lending support to a harmonious whole. In its entirety your site is very pleasant to visit.
With best regards, Juhani Kerkkonen - WECP Certified Evaluator
November 2006 - AS: 1.00

Vsda Awards
jo phillips,
vsdaWe are pleased to issue your website our VSDA Gold Badge. This VSDA web award is for your site Firestarter Pyrography.
Beautiful site. The color contrast is great. Well designed and maintained site. Congratulations on an excellent web presentation, your creation is very deserving of our VSDA Gold Badge and it is with great pleasure that on behalf of the VSDA team we issue you this VSDA web award.
Best regards, Ian Conklin and the VSDA Team
February 2006 - AS: 0.50