A Celtic Pyrograph

This page contains patterns to use for celtic pyrography. I have included some examples of my pyrographs. Notice that if the pattern goes underneath it's darker and if it goes over the top it's lighter. The effect of an elaborate piece of knotwork on a piece of white sycamore is beautiful.

When first copying celtic patterns you may find that they are quite difficult to do, as sometimes you might miss an area so the pattern is lost or it is very complicated, meaning that you have to be really dedicated even to copy it never mind burn it!

I recommend using Courtney Davis' Iron-on transfer patterns. You can buy the book straight away from my celtic book section. I have used this book alot, as you simply choose your pattern, cut it out then iron it onto the wood leaving an outline of ink. You can then spend all your time burning. Don't forget to add texture to your pyrograph! If successful you will have a piece that is three dimensional in effect, with texture and relief. Remember that practice makes perfect!.

celtic patternceltic patternceltic pattern

celtic patternceltic patternceltic pattern

celtic patternceltic horsepattern