homer & I This page has been provided to show my thanks for the help and guidance that I have received from people along the way. There are far too many to mention and I do apologise if I have left anybody out who feels that they should be here! I would also like to credit the wonderful websites that provide an excellent service through sharing their knowledge and services for us all. Without them non of my achievements could have been possible!

I managed to sneak a little picture of my beloved cat, Homer into my site. Here you can see the big ball of fluff along with your webmistress, Jo! Finally, I would like to say thank you for visiting and I hope that you enjoyed your vist! Please come again as I am always adding new items and things to see and do.

Ashley, Mum, Dad & Nigel Thankyou Ashley for giving me my Peter Child machine, in Christmas 2001. You are always there for me when I need to go to my craft fairs and thanks for making the sandwiches! My family, have encouraged & supported me with my art for as long as I can remember.

Roger Young & Jeanette For encouragement to continue whilst at my first craft show, it was a very hot day stuck in a stifling marquee. Thanks for telling me that all of my hard work was worthwhile and to continue!

Fellow Crafters Especially my good friend, Elaine James. Your smile and good cheer have often helped me through long days at the stall! Also to Sam Humphreys, for being a friend and congratulations on becoming a member of the Guild of Essex Craftsmen!

Uk Pyros & I.A.P.A For inspiration, advice & encouragement. Their daily digest of emails is always a pleasure to read! Especially to Sue Burne, John Grange, Nita Bennett and Mand Ide.

Guild of Essex Craftsmen For providing an excellent guild. Also for the advice on trading and the opportunity to meet fellow crafters.

Roy Child Roy has given me valuable advice on pyrography and has also letting me try out his new burning wire and tips. The Peter Child pyrography machine is the best around and it hasn't failed yet!

My Suppliers Thanks to all who provide such wonderful services. Their supplies are consistently of a top quality and they are always happy to help me with special orders. Speical thanks to Colin and Joanne of Dalescraft, Jan Farr from Makit and Niciola Cheyette for her excellent leather items.

Sue Walters Whose work gave me the inspiration to take up the art. Always willing to give advice whilst I was learning. She is still the top pyrographer on the net in my eyes!

Patrick Faleur & Richard Withers Thankyou Patrick for providing a great space for fellow pyrographers of the world to showcase their work. Richard Wither's demonstration at the Corris Craft Centre, Wales inspired me to take up pyrography, even though he doesn't know it!