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Independent AWARDs


Congratulations you win the NATAYADA web award, you got the gold one, your site will be added at the winners list.
February 2006

I have now completed my review of your site submission, I found a beautiful site. An important contribution to arts and to the web community. I found your site to be informative, with superb design, an easy navigation scheme and a pleasant layout. It is evident that you have put a lot of hard work into it and your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. A very well done job. You also have a great award program running. Art needs that, internet goes better with that... we, artists like that. February 2006

panzys award PANZYS AWARD
Hello & Congratulations!
I'd like to thank you for a site well put together. I have completed the process of reviewing and evaluating your site. I'm pleased to say that your site has been accepted for my Panzys Award.
Sincerely, Anita - Panzys Award Program
March 2006

crystalCrystal Award
Dear Jo, Congratulations! Your website has met my criteria and has won a Crystal Award. It is always a pleasure to view a site which is a true labour of love, and I am very happy that Firestarter Pyrography has earned my highest award. Quick to load, user-friendly, easy to navigate, beautifully designed, and with lots of interesting and informative content, this is very nearly a perfect site by my criteria. A very impressive site, by a very talented lady! Again, congratulations, and keep up the good work! Cordially, Sylvia rated: QWIA Certified Award Program Apirs certified member
March 2006

You are the winner of the John Baselmans Golden Art site. The site is easy to navigate. Links are working good. Lay-out looks good. A lot of succes with your site.
John Baselmans - May 2006

whimsyPENMARRIC WHIMSY & REXCLUSIVE AWARDS Thankyou so much for your interest shown in our awards programs. That is quite the website! Our judges have all visited your site and the decision is made. Yours is one of the best websites we have been fortunate enough to visit.
Well done.
Purrs Lin - January 2006


We have some great news concerning your recent submission for the Aloha Award. All of us agreed that you truly do have an interesting site with quality content and design. The aloha Award is not easy to win. That is why this awrd is seen so infrequently. Congratulations and Aloha,
Kealoha, Leilani, Bruce and Steve.
Hawaii City - webmasters. - July 2005

a place in the sunA PLACE IN THE SUN AWARD
Congratulations ! Hi Jo, It is with great pleasure that I give you the Gold Award. You've done a wonderful job on your site and it is to be commended. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. All the very best for now and the future,
~Kathy :)
August 2005

roz awardROZ AWARD
Bravo Jo!
The website you have designed is outstanding and your art is beautiful! You deserve recognition and to be celebrated for your creativity, effort, talent and excellence of design. The Fruits of your labor are evident and your hard work has been well worth it. Congrats! & Blessings, Roz - November 2005

jack neal award jack neal award JACK NEAL ARTISTRY AWARD
Jack A. Neal, Photographer and SW Photography would like to present you with our ' Beautiful Site' Award and our ' Artistry Award'. Your web site is very beautiful and it stands out like a shining star above the rest. You are a gifted, talented and very special person! Please accept our gifts of admiration for you!
Kind Regards, Erin and Jack
November 2005