Miscellaneous Leather

key fob Here are some examples of leather items, that I have for sale. If you would like something on leather then please email me. I can work on your own leather item, as long as it is vegetable tanned. All leather goods can be personalised, to make a highly individual item.

Keycase: 4.50 * Key fob: 4.99 * Bracelet: 3.99 - 6.99 * Spectacle case: 6.50 * Passport: 8.00 * Pension book holder: 5.50 * Credit card holder: 5.50 * Folding cheque book: 5.00 * Keyrings: 1.99 * Comb in case: 3.99 * Pencil case: 5.99

comb cases

lotr bracelets Lord of the Rings Bracelets
Have your name translated into Elvish. Bracelets are available in sizes
18x2cm & 21.5 x 2cm.

Prices start from:
These are very popular items and are my top sellers on Ebay!