self portraitI started to design this site in February 2005, at this point I was a complete novice to web design. Although I am a professionally qualified graphic designer and art editor, I had never had the opportunity of using html. My first design was very basic with no background and only a very simple layout, at the time I was very happy with my results, I now realize that there were many errors!

When I began to apply for awards for my site, I was lucky to meet some excellent webmasters who have given me their time and help along the way. My first error was horizontal scrolling. I didn't even realise that I had it but it was pointed out to me and this was easily fixed. I then began to experiment with background colors and gradients. This gave a warmer and more consistent feel to my site. One of my best finds has been Mozilla Firefox, it has an excellent web developer add-on which you can use to check images sizes, html and much more. I recommend all reading this to check it out as it is an invaluable resource. Well, after a while I started to receive some recognised awards and always researched and implemented the advice that was given to me.


layoutNext was css - wow! When you discover this tool you will never look back. It is an excellent way of ordering your fonts and layout. I used it to tidy up my coding, so that I could add my type styles into one file. I could then clean up my html which once had exhaustive font coding! It also makes for quicker alterations rather than to have to go through every page to change your fonts.
Next on the list was html validation. I never thought that I would be able to do this but with the use of W3c's validator I did! I was very pleased with myself, and gave myself a big pat on the back after this achievement. My site is listed with W3C Sites, and I am affiliated with various ethical and family safe organizations including Icra and Safe Surf.

previous site design My site has been hand coded,the graphics have been optimized and designed using Adobe Photoshop. I use Firefox to view and design my site, although it has been fully checked with Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari, to be viewed at either 1028 x 728 or 800 x 600 resolution. The design has undergone many transformations, as I am always striving to better my site, so if you notice any inconsistencies or errors, please feel free to email me and I will do my best to fix them.

spiral Pixel web designAugust 2006 saw the launch of my new site Spiral Pixel Web Development and Design. Here I develop websites and graphics for clients. In April 2007, I set up my personal design blog, Jo's Web, here I offer creative inspiration, from Photoshop tutorials to the latest art and design news. I must say that blogging is quite addictive! It's a new found hobby of mine! I owe this site so much as it started my love of web design. It's my pride and joy.