Monochrome & Colour Tagua Slices

celtic tagua Tagua (coroso, palm, vegetable nut ivory) is the dried nut of the Tagua Palm. This palm grows in the humid tropical forests of Ecuador, Columbia and Panama. After harvesting the nut for three months it becomes hard and white. Last century, until the breakthrough of plastics it was widely used for making buttons. In the last twenty years it has once again become popular.

Producing tagua products helps to sustain the tropical rainforests. It has a remarkable similarity to ivory although no animals are hurt in the process.

This page shows some examples of tagua design. Each minature piece is original and highly detailed, measuring about one inch in height. These highly individual items can be used as pendants on leather or chain. As brooches or even framed. This service is provided if you would like one please state how you would like your tagua slice mounted. I also accept private commissions. Why not have an unique fine art picture of your pet? or an image of your choice. Please email for more details.

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