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January 18th
I've set up a new pyrography blog called Art On Wood, here you can find everything you need from tips to patterns. I've also added a Facebook fan page to Pyro Fun. Please take the time to visit and don't forget to subscribe to my feed to get the latest updates.


October 25th
Has anybody been to my new online shop yet? I will be adding lots of items over the coming months. I've just sold a Lord of the Rings ring holder, so it must be working!

April 27th
I've been busy adding my pyro images and other graphic images to my new gift section. I do hope that you like them!

February 26th
Things have been busy with my design service - Spiral Pixel, so I have had little time to post this year! If you are interested in a website to promote your wares please feel free to contact me as I am taking on new clients at the moment. Also, I have added my new online shop, full of goodies ready to go! I've also had a reply to a pyro question within my pyro school. It's so nice to see that people read my site and have an interest in it! Off to do some more work, speak soon, Jo.


July 31st
I wonderful new artist has been added to my global pyro section, Jianting li. I've been busy doing a few pyro comissions such as a set of wooden spoons for a golfing competition. The loser's win one of my spoons! Most of my time seems to be taken up with my web and graphic design. However, I still get daily emails from budding pyrographers. So thanks to all who have written to me!

May 1st
You really must check out the work of Ahmed Qureshi. He recently sent some work into me, I must say that I was really really impressed! His work is so detailed it must take an age to do! Unfortunately, I had to scale down his image and it really doesn't show the detailing but if you are interested in seeing more I'm sure that he will email you some pics.

March 24th
Sorry, but I have forgotten to update my updates page! For all of my regular visitors I should think that you have noticed the design change. I've spent quite a few months redesigning my site, I think it looks better now and I hope you do too? I did a have a few emails from people saying that they couldn't easily read the type on a grey background so I thought that I would go for a lighter look. I'm really happy with my new header graphic and woody background. Well, for this year my work now seems to be concentrated on web design but I have still found some spare time to do a little pyrographic work. I still undertake some special commissions but my shows have been thin on the ground. It is also the 25th anniversary of the Guild of Essex Craftsmen so I will probably be attending some of their shows. As to new additions to the site I have added another pyrographic artist to my Global Pyro section, Alexander Moreira from Brazil, please go and check out the detail! - visit page