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Talking Hands
talking hands honoreeJo,
I have the honor to present you with a token of appreciation as being selected the Talking Hands Award 3rd Quarter 2006 honoree.
Our entire staff of reviewers, laudation writers and judges makes a selection from among a quarters honorees to represent the collective teaching and learning. Among the quarterly honorees at year end one is selected to represent all of the collective teaching and learning. Congratulations! Your friend, Denny - August 2006 - S.O.A - no

You requested an award for your site "firestarter pyrography".
Score : 30
Average : 94%
Best regards, Jean-Luc Antoine - January 2006 - S.O.A - no

runwebRun Web
Dear Jo,
We are very pleased to announce you, your site won a BRONZE Award.
Alain & Lise
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Eutoda - 2.0 - July 2005 - S.O.A - no