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Vsda Awards
Jo Phillips,
vsdaWe are pleased to issue your website our VSDA Gold Badge. This VSDA web award is for your site Firestarter Pyrography.
Beautiful site. The color contrast is great. Well designed and maintained site. Congratulations on an excellent web presentation, your creation is very deserving of our VSDA Gold Badge and it is with great pleasure that on behalf of the VSDA team we issue you this VSDA web award.
Best regards, Ian Conklin and the VSDA Team
February 2006 - S.O.A - no

morning starMorning Star
Hello & Congratulations!
We'd like to thank you for a site well put together. I have completed the process of reviewing and evaluating your site. I'm pleased to say that your site has been accepted for my Silver Award.
Respectfully, Morning Star
December 2005 - S.O.A - no

Congratulation Jo,
you win Gold award of CSB Award Program. Attached to this email you will find the official evaluation sheet, and Gold award with id G00206.
Thank you for interest in CSB Award Program and again congratulation for your beautiful site.
Best regards,
Fabrizio Sesana
October 2005 : upgrade - January 2006 : S.O.A - yes

Uwsag 3.0

Exquisite Reptil Award
Dear Jo !
I am extremely proud to present your site with the Franzi's Reptile Exquisite-Award. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your work. The visit was most inspiring. Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. You are truly deserving of our highest accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all to visit. I wish you all the best and many more awards in the future.
Greetings, Franz - January 2007 - S.O.A - no

pamelasMy Reflections
It gives me great pleasure to award you my silver award of excellence. I found your site to be very enjoyable and the navigation easy to get around.
Wishing you much success and thank you for making the www a better place to visit.
October 2006 - AS: 0.50

Thank you for submitting your site to the NWESS Website Award Program. We appreciate your interest in our program, and the time you took to submit your site for evaluation. Each site submitted is reviewed several times by our evaluation team and is assessed by our program's stated disqualifiers, requirements and criteria. Congratulations! The design staff at NWESS is pleased to announce that your site has won the NWESS Website Bronze Award. Keep up the good work a good web presence is never finished. It's always a work in progress.
October 2005 - S.O.A - no

Congratulations, Jo!
led Your website has met the L.E.D. Award for Web Excellence's criteria almost to the full. I stand amazed at your ability and artistry, the attention to detail in your fine work and the overall beauty of the finished products: as a perfectionist to another, I cannot but gladly award *Firestarter Pyrography* with the 2005 L.E.D. Award for Web Excellence! Needless to mention the ease of navigation, pleasant colour choices, technical information made interesting... It is thanks to people like you that InterNet websites' quality standards are kept high. - June 2005 - AS: 1.00

Mars Web
We want to congratulate you on winning our Star Award. Regards,
mars design studio
May 2005 - S.O.A - no