Congratulations Jo Phillips,
alcazaren your website has won the Alcazaren Bronze Award. What has been evaluated is the content, design and navigation of the Firestarter Pyrography page. It has been a pleasure to get in touch with your website and I am very happy to offer the mentioned award. Your site not only displays your valuable artwork to the visitor, but also includes a very easy to follow and comprehensive introduction to pyrography that is truly rewarding. The site design is an artwork, the color combinations and the delicate presentation is complemented with an practical navigation. Congratulations again, your site very well deserved the award. Best regards from Madrid, Luis Vadillo - January 2006 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

bv lindenheuvelB.V Lindenheuvel
Hello Jo,
Congratulations your site has been awarded the BV.Lindenheuvel "Platinum" Award, rated AS 5.0 and WTA. Your site "Firestarter Pyrography" is very good designed, is easy to read and has wonderful pictures and an interesting subject. It's evident you put a lot work into your site and I enjoy my visits. I did like the subject of your site very much, thanks for sharing this with us. I also want to thank you for allowing me to evaluate your site. Well Done!! Take care and have a nice day, Friendly regards, Huub Crapels - September 2005 : upgrade: February 2006 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

fun tymeFun Tyme
Congratulations Jo!
You have won a very hard award to achieve, the Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program Gold. It is always a pleasure to review your site. Your design is creative and easy to navigate. We look for people who use their imagination and creativeness to give their sites personality. Your site has both of these qualities in full force. Sandra Gerbers - March 2006 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

perm hritagePerm Heritage
Dear Jo Phillips,
Thank you for interest to the Perm Heritage Award! Congratulations on winning our silver award, which qualifies as a WTA by Website Awards. Your site, Firestarter Pyrography, is a really very interesting and cognitive. Our award are a gift to you for enriching the Internet community and with no other condition. Good luck! Heritage of Perm - March 2006 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

Hi there,
Thank you for your recent application to the Rhi-Wards Awards Program. Your site has been thoroughly evaluated by two judges, with an average score found. To gain an award from the Rhi-Wards Awards Program, you will need to gain a minimum of 75 points. Your site scored *83.25* points, making you a winner of our 2 Star Kingfisher Award. Your award graphic is attached.
Regards, Rhianna Blackthorn - June 2005 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

ruths havenRuth's Haven
We at Ruth's Haven are proud to award you with our Gold Award. Your site shows an amazing talent not only in building the site but in pyrography. We were very impressd with your knowledge and that you are quite happy to share that knowledge with others. The layout and design of your site was also very impressive.
June 2006 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

jaded heartJaded Heart
It is with great honor that I present you with the Jaded Heart Gold Award. Your site was easy to navigate and with a very interesting subject. I have included the scoring sheet. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Sarah Call - June 2005 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

giving wordsGiving Words
Dear Jo,
Congratulations on having an excellent site in both design and educational value. Your art, and the fundamentals of Firestarter Pyrography, depicts your talent and skills as an artist and web designer. It has been a genuine pleasure to visit and evaluate the incredible work that you share. It is also an honor to award you the Giving Words Award. All the best to you.
Cynthia - October 2006 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes

Dear Jo,
timelines thank you for your interest in Timelines Award Program and inviting me to visit your site. Your site meets the highest web and accessibility standards. Navigation, layout and colors of the site are excellent, and it is a real aesthetic treat to surf through your pages. You show great skill in doing your innovative art and in designing your website. It is also interesting to see your work in progress. The lessons of your pyroschool are wirtten and illustrated in an excellent way. As you present innovative art on your website - this means the creation of wonderful digital images or any other kind of art, Firestarter Pyrography wins Timelines Innovative Site Award. Kind regards. Have good times Friedrich - Upgrade February 2007 - Rating: 5.0 : S.O.A - yes